• No more than 2 abstracts as the first author
      • Writing: in Romanian (with diacritics) and English, in Word format, Times New Roman letter 12 pt., Spacing 1.5 rows, 1 page A4 with 2 cm margins and alignment to the left. The abstract will contain up to 300 words.
      • Title: Capitalized, maximum 40 words centered.
      • Authors: List under title, without teaching or scientific degree, affiliation with superscript Arabic numerals next to the name. All writers of the work will be listed (not “others” or “et al.”).
      • Affiliation of the authors: according to the figures next to the names of the authors, the abbreviated official name of the institution (eg INCD “Victor Babeş”), the department (the laboratory), the city and the country of the institution.


It is preferable that the structure of the abstract should include introductory paragraphs, material and methods, results, conclusions. No tables or figures will be inserted. Abbreviations must comply with international regulations. If bibliography is required, up to 3 titles are allowed.
Abstracts that do not follow these rules will be rejected!


The abstracts will be sent by e-mail as attachments, at sir@ivb.ro until 15 September 2017 inclusive.
In the sending message, please specify: first name, function (or student), member / non-member of the Society. Also, the option to present the paper will be specified:
• Oral communication (15 minutes + 5 minutes of discussion)
• Poster (100/150 cm)
A copy of the payment order for the participation fee will be attached. Students will attach a copy of the student card with up-to-date visa.

Abstracts sent without proof of payment of the participation fee or without copy of the student card will not be taken into account.