The Romanian Society of Immunology (SIR) was established in 1971 as a professional organization of Romanian immunologists. SIR represents the professional interests of Romanian immunologists at the national and international level, promotes the fundamental scientific and applied scientific research in the field of immunology, develops throughout the country any activity considered relevant for the promotion of immunology, develops the university and post-graduate immunological education. SIR is a professional, apolitical, autonomous, patrimonial and non-lucrative grouping.


Under the Statute, SIR has the following attributions at national level:
1. Analyzes and proposes measures for solving the various problems signaled in the fundamental and applicative scientific research in the field of immunology;
2.Informs the various interested institutions about new immunological methods and procedures, recommending their introduction in scientific research and medical practice;
3.Organizes in the country Annual Immunology Conferences and other scientific events (meetings of papers, round tables with specific themes, symposiums, congresses, courses etc.)


Internationally, SIR collaborates with similar associations and organizations in other countries as well as with the international specialized organizations it is affiliated with: the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS), the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) and the Balkan Society of Societies of Immunology (BAIS). SIR sends delegates to represent it at the General Assembly of the organizations to which it is affiliated and supports the preparation and participation of Romanian delegates at international scientific events in the field of immunology and related specialties.

Currently, SIR have more than 150 members in all university centers and clinical and research facilities in the country. The Annual Immunology Conference reached this year’s 47th edition.


Entry into SIR is based on demand, and maintenance in the Society involves the annual payment of a subscription. SIR membership gives the right to participate at a reduced fee at annual conferences, obtaining a grants for participation at international conferences, winning awards at annual conferences, the right to be elected to the governing bodies of the Society (after 2 years), obtaining CME points annually.


Act constitutiv SIR                                   Statut SIR