SIR was established in 1971 at the “Victor Babes” Institute in Bucharest under the name of the National Commission on Immunology (CNI). The founders of CNI were Prof. Ioan Moraru, the then director of the institute, Dr. Victor Ghetie and Dr. Andrei Sulica from the Institute “Victor Babeş” and Prof.Dr. N. Nestorescu from the “I.Cantacuzino” Institute. CNI has had subsidiaries since its establishment in the university centers in the country: Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Targu Mures, Timisoara, Craiova. The administrative headquarters of the CNI were in the “Victor Babeş” Institute of Bucharest, and CNI’s management was assured by a president and vice-presidents from the branches.

In 1990 CNI became the National Immunology Society (SNI), with NGO status and administrative headquarters at the “Victor Babeş” Institute in Bucharest. SNI’s leadership was provided by a secretary-general.

Since 2000, SNI’s administrative headquarters has moved to the National Institute “I. Cantacuzino “Bucharest, and SNI will be headed by a president and a vice-president.

In 2007 SNI became the Romanian Society of Immunology (SIR), with the status of NGO with legal personality and administrative headquarters in the National Institute “I. Cantacuzino “Bucharest. The leadership of the CRS will be provided by a president and a vice-president, alongside an honorary president. Currently, SIR is headed by the President – Prof. V. Cristea (Cluj-Napoca), Vice President – Dr. C. Ursaciuc (Bucharest), Honorary President – Prof. Dr. Şt. Constantinescu (Belgium).

In 2016 the administrative headquarters of SIR moves back to the “Victor Babeș” National Institute of Bucharest, where it is still functioning.


In addition to the annual conferences, SIR organized over the years a series of other special events as follows:
• IUIS-WHO International Symposium of Immunology “Differentiation and Function of Lymphoid Cells”, Sinaia, September 1973
• The Romanian-American Conference, Bucharest, 1982
• Immunology-Immunopathology course – “Victor Babeş” Institute, 1983
• IUIS Course: “New Trends in Basic and Clinical Immunology: The Deviated Immune Response” – Poiana Braşov, May 1988
• IUIS Course: “New Trends in Basic and Clinical Immunology: Self-Recognition and Autoimmunity”, Timişoara, June 1992
• John Humphrey Course of Tumor Immunology, Iasi, August-September 1992
• Romanian-Hungarian immunology conferences, Szeged and Bucharest, 1994-1996
• Conference with International Participation “25th Anniversary of the SNI Establishment”, Bucharest, 1996
• John Humphrey International Course: “Self tolerance and self recognition”, Sinaia, May 2000
• Fundamental Immunology Workshop, Bucharest, 2002-2009
• POSDRU project “Vocational and organizational training of employees in immunology laboratories through implementation of top technologies and quality management – IMUNOLAB”, Beneficiary: SIR, 2010-2013